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Footwear ​consultancy

As a freelance footwear technologist and consultant ​I specialise in sustainable product development, ​technical support, marketing & aiding companies in ​elevating their organisations in a cost effective way.

Hire me for flexible durations: daily, monthly, hourly, ​or project-based.

Hi,I’m Hilde

In 2010, I graduated from the European Fashion & Business school in the Netherlands. Ready to conquer the footwear ​world I started my career at a well-established Dutch footwear trader, specialising in ladies’ leather shoes.

Eager to be at the heart of production I relocated to Surabaya (Indonesia), quickly advancing from junior product ​developer to General Manager in Asia. I completed the SATRA SAFT course to strengthen my technical knowledge ​and set up local organisations, managed a team of >10 and was responsible for the entire process from concept to ​shipment. Three years later I brought my expertise to a Dutch trader (also based in Surabaya), producing high-end ​leather children’s footwear, ensuring new systems and processes were implemented in the development and ​production, across their multiple factories and brands.

During those years, I spent a lot of time in footwear factories, solving problems, improving quality and gaining key ​technical understanding about production, technical development, leather, outsoles moulds and fit.

I traveled throughout Asia and Europe to visit suppliers and source materials. I also spent many hours in tanneries ​working closely to develop seasonal leathers and colours.

After six years, I moved to the UK and launched a sourcing website. As a Compliance Manager and Senior Footwear ​Technologist for a UK-based trader, I became deeply involved in the world of sustainability, ethical sourcing, ​compliance, technical account management, collaborating with major high street brands.

In 2023 I completed the 'Business Sustainability Management' course with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability ​Leadership (CISL). This course enriched my existing knowledge, providing me with the confidence and precision ​necessary to drive sustainability in my consultancy work.

Now, as a freelance consultant, I help companies future-proof their footwear and supply chains, bringing over a decade of ​expertise to elevate their success.

With passion for fit, quality assurance and responsible sourcing, I strive to embed sustainability at the heart of every business ​and I look forward to work with like-minded colleagues to achieve this goal.


A tailor made service to suit your needs and requirements





  • Risk Analysis to ensure the product is fit for purpose
  • Fitting of samples and grades
  • Sample management and sealing
  • Physical & Chemical Testing
  • Set up quality standards & quality management
  • Working closely with your suppliers
  • Factory Visits


  • Material Sourcing
  • Last development (together with last maker)
  • Leather Development
  • Footwear Development
  • Working closely with your designer and supply chain


Digital Sustainability Concept
  • First hand knowledge of materials and emerging ​materials
  • Collate and Reduce Component Supplier Base
  • Support mapping exercise
  • Start your sustainability journey to make more ​responsible sourcing choices
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  • Help you to create a footwear technical manual that fits your clients and suppliers
  • Ethical Auditing Advice
  • Create a due diligence testing plan, to help reduce testing costs, create a material library and set up smart testing


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  • Visualise Work Flows and Processes with suggestions to ​improve
  • Create Critical Paths suitable for your business processes, ​working around your factories and lead times
  • Create SOP’s to improve efficiency in your processes ​surrounding development and critical path management​ until shipment
  • Help you with on-boarding new customers and setting ​standards
  • Train and develop footwear technical personnel
  • Work with your marketing and PR agency’s and strategise your ​companies’ brand strategy and story, specifically for ​businesses working within the footwear industry & sustainabili​ty (business to business or busines​s to consumer)

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